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Where What If Becomes What's Next. Podcast Season 1: AI

Featured Episode | April 11, 2024

Episode 4: When Drones and Robots Knock on Your Door

What if a self-driving robotic vehicle or drone delivered your next package? Artificial intelligence is transforming how companies deliver packages the “last mile” to your home, the most expensive and time-consuming part of the supply chain.

A CMU Podcast for Next Generation's Doers

WHERE WHAT IF BECOMES WHAT’S NEXT, hosted by Jeanine Herbst, is a new podcast from Carnegie Mellon University where scientists, artists, engineers, researchers and visionaries come together in the pursuit of “What If” to bring you “What’s Next.” In Season One, we focus on Artificial Intelligence.  We’ll take you beyond the headlines to make you smarter about AI.  We’ll bring you news and insights, and introduce you to the world’s foremost experts on AI.



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